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    Unanswered: WAMP Sybase install

    I have to query a sybase dataabse that's been set up as part of zenworks ZCM server. I have all the credentials and I even found a howto that seems fair enough to follow

    (in the past i've successfully installed ORACLE, MSSQL, ODBC and MySQL -- simultaneous old/new password versions of connections of MySQL -- onto a wamp server no problem).

    So I am used to things being tricky.


    I am stuck when it comes to installing the "open client" on the above howto how do I download it like it says to in that howto? The chap says that you need to register, when I registerred it gets me so far down the download path then asks me to be a techincal contact (or something) so what my question really is is.. what am I doing wrong? or I am expected to pay for "open client" even though it's our own server with our own database on it isn't that rather "illegal" of sybase? I have found the linux community connectivity instructions (iODBC and freeTDS) are there no similar helpful products that will allow me to connect from a windows server? I don't see way I should give sybase any money for something that (quiet frankly) they haven't deserved.

    Anyway I am sure ODBC connections will work so can I set up a ODBC connection instead? How do I do that? Thanks in advance

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    The PC Client CD (including odbc) is shipped with the Sybase software.
    Ask the person who did the set up of the ZCM server

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