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    Unanswered: ComboBox Filter to include (all) records

    I have a form that shows client shipments in transit. The form has a combobox that filters a subform to whichever client is selected showing only their shipments. I would like to simply add a field "(all)" to the list of client names in the combobox that shows all shipments when selected.
    is this possible?
    I am looking for a simple solution, please

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    kind of depends on how things were initially set up.

    the normal combobox set up, using the wizard - doesn't involve a subform.

    the combobox is in the main form and also selecting a new record in the main form at the same time?

    is the subform sourced on a stand alonge query as its record source?

    passing a wildcard may be possible but can't really say at this could of course jump out of the current form to generate a different object with all the data upon selection of All. So one way or another it is possible, but the specifics of how to go about to do it will depend on what you have now.

    sorry not to be more helpful.
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