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    Technical Manager - Technical Lead - Technical Director

    Niche Technologists, Inc. is an IT staffing and consulting company delivering services to clients throughout the U.S. since 1993. Visit our web site for information that includes what your peers and corporate clients say about our services, and to browse jobs currently available through Niche. Our owner/manager interfaces directly with our clients. His background includes 42 years in the IT sector and 25 years IT recruiting.

    We currently have 3 full time positions available with a client in New York City for whom we’ve placed several professionals over the past 10+ years.

    This is an overview of the new positions and the environment, not the complete job description. We will send you a full job description on request based on our findings from a study of your resume.

    Your resume should include information about your technical qualifications from your study of this overview; e.g., years experience using Java / J2EE, Spring and Hibernate (or iBatis and/or other similar technology tool), and, for H1-B visa holders, the date your H1-B was first issued. You resume needs to also include your current address or at least the city and state in which you currently live (your resume and contact information never leaves our offices without your consent).

    The starting base salaries are competitive and include a bonus plus a generous benefits package. Relocation assistance will be considered for qualified and successful applicants.
    The client prefers to hire directly as their full-time employee, but will consider H1-B visa holders if 3 years remain from the original issue date. We will also consider a consultant on a right2hire basis through our company – no third parties.

    The openings (Technical Lead, Technical Manager, and Technical Director) all require hands-on execution. All 3 positions will be situated within the architecture technology group that services the enterprise, interfaces with business users, management, and a large base of developers.

    The group is involved in governance (full phase reviews on all projects), design reviews, technology reviews, code reviews, continual tool and technology evaluation, coding (common Java library), and technical troubleshooting – if there is a serious issue in any of the systems, this group is one of the first called be it performance issues, memory issues, etc.

    You certainly don’t need the polish and presentation skills of a CIO, but you do need gain the respect of the development community, be able to influence others from your expertise, and have strong communication, interpersonal and leadership skills.

    Note these positions are not just about the current state of technology but also about the future state -- the next step this client should take regards technology tools.

    There are no impediments to career growth, we want applicants who want to affect change across the enterprise as such creative thinking and suggestions are welcomed, not stifled.

    The IT group consists of about 250 with about 100 developers who are more or less centralized. The core technology stack is Java / J2EE, Spring, and Hibernate with heavy usage of open source.

    This technology stack is common to about 80% of the roughly 60 – 70 applications which comprise the portfolio – you must have current usage experience with Java / J2EE (3+ years), Spring (3+ years), Hibernate (3+ years - possibly iBatis or another similar technology tool may be substituted for Hibernate).

    Note again that all 3 positions require hands-on execution.

    The Technical Director position reports to the VP of Application Architecture, and is probably similar in title to an Enterprise Architect or Application Architect – a kind of strategy-level position. However, there is no interest in applicants who are far removed from the day2day execution of the strategy. This position requires someone who will not only define the strategy but who will also get involved in executing that strategy (we estimate 30% strategy and 70% execution although that depends on issues that arise day2day); someone who knows why a particular technology was used and/or who recommended another, perhaps more suitable technology for one reason or another; someone who keeps abreast of the technologies, who is regularly involved in technology evaluations.

    The successful applicants will have substantial experience integrating complex applications across the enterprise – have cross-project experience across the enterprise, an overall view or big picture of the enterprise, its applications, how existing and new applications impact that enterprise, how to best integrate the new applications, support, etc.

    Note that we are not looking for professionals whose experience is mostly on external systems; e.g., web applications.

    Some of the short-comings we’ve seen with past applicants is a lack of depth of technology experience (Java / J2EE, Spring, Hibernate); applicants with little enterprise-wide applications integration experience; applicants who are focused on one project to completion, then onto another project to completion, etc. with no opportunity of the overall view of the enterprise/applications, etc.

    Send your resume to

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