I'm 66 and politically active. I have Paradox version as part of the Corel Office Suite, so I suppose I'll spend most of my time in the Paradox forum.

I'd like to create a Paradox data base of political contacts: State legislators (senators & representatives), their respective districts and attendant counties, their local newspapers, radio and TV stations, local (county, city, town) political leaders, civic groups, churches, etc.

My intent is to be able to reäct quickly to various political issues with letters and e-mails to those who I feel might be affected or who might need additional—unspun—information. I want to be able to blanket the state rapidly.

I have a great deal of experience with DataPerfect, but that program's not viable on my XP Pro operating system, so I have to do it all through Paradox (unless someone has an alternate suggestion!).

If anyone has suggestions re my plans and hopes, I'd appreciate hearing from them. Thanks.