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    Unanswered: Download Zip File Problems

    I tried to download some samples today, and eveyone reported as corrupt in winzip.

    Anyone else seen this problem, or any idea what is causing it?


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    I think there are know issues with vBulletin (the forum software) and some versions of browsers, specifically Internet Explorer.

    however if you could give examples (ideally the URL to the post that contains the ZIP file) |Im sure we can check whether its a corrupt zip file problem or an IE problem or a problem at your end
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    I had this problem too under Windows XP since the upgrade to SP3, both with IE (7 then 8) and with Google Chrome. The only solution I found was to re-install an old version of WinZip (8.0) then re-assign the .zip extension to it.
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    healdem and sinndho

    thanks for the replies

    it was every download I tried. At least 15 from the code samples. They came through as needing unblocking, but that didn't help.

    winzip won't undo them, and neither will MS uncompress.

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