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    Unanswered: Problems with a database program using HTTP requests

    Hi, I use a program that accesses my company's database for work. It uses standard HTTP requests on port 80. I am receiving all kinds of errors.

    It seems to be localized to my connection at home. The troubleshooting I have done is:

    -took my laptop to my neighbors and Starbucks who uses a different ISP (there I had no errors of any kind)
    -removed router and connected internet direct to my machine
    -have reinstalled the software and also reformatted my machine
    -have spoke with both my ISP support and company IT support. My ISP wanted to know what ports and protocols my software uses, but the tech I've been working with won't return till 5/31.
    -all other programs and internet browsing seem to be in order, no issues
    -my ISP does not have any restrictions on my connection

    The only difference bewtween my ISP and my neighbors is he has a dynamic IP where I have static IP (I have a static IP on my ISP's network, otherwise they have a public). This has never been a factor till about 4 weeks ago, and I have been working for this company for 2 years, so I cannot imagine that this would have any bearing on my issues.

    Does anyone know of anything else I could troubleshoot till I can speak to my ISP?

    Thanks in advance

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    Look at the error messages. They will probably tell you exactly what is wrong, or at least give you a solid clue to what is the problem with your home ISP.

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