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    Unanswered: How to get all tables name from database....

    Hello Every one......

    my objective is to fetch all the TABLE NAME from database..i want to fetch the META-DATA of database....
    which is the easiest way to do this???
    Is their any module is available for that...???

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    depednms on the database
    most modern db's store the metadata within the db itself, however you may not have access to that data.

    it may help if you provide the name of the db you are using as each db handles it it its own way
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    If i want to get table name of POSTGRES and ORACLE database....any idea???

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    i have one idea ..but its time consuming........

    my @tables = $dbh->tables ( );
    foreach $table (@tables ){
       print "Table Name $table\n";

    but its very time consuming.....

    for example in POSTGRES data base their is one table call pg_class that store all the table name in relname field......but for oracle i dont know......
    is their any module in perl which get all table name list......?????
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