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    Unanswered: RMAN Split Level 0 Backup question


    we have a oracle DB size of around 225 GB and want to implement a backup strategy using RMAN. Due to insufficient resources, we could get only 100 GB space to to host the backup files initially.. Each days backup files will be moved to tape with in 8 hours time and the space can be freedup. The biggest tablespace tgbs is having size 200 GB with 5 datafiles.

    The plan is to implement level 0 backups followed by level 1 differential backups. But the level 0 full database backup is comming around 200 GB and could not fit into the storage space given. so we are planning go by this way..

    Sat - Level 0 backup for - full db except data files 3,4,5 in tgbs+arch.logs
    Sun - Level 0 backup for - data files 3,4,5 + arch.logs

    mon to fri - level 1 differential backup for the db + arch.logs

    could someone explain me

    a) is it a feasible through RMAN?
    b) will there be any issues with this approach?
    c) sample rman script to take these backups?


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    I am looking at an advertisement for a 2TB External Hard Drive for $75 USD.
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    The question is not, "can you do backups?"
    The real question is, "can you successfully restore?"
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    If you have Oracle version 10+ or 11+, you could try "COMPRESSED" backups.
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