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    Unanswered: very complicated issue in access report

    I have on table having : (1) task, (2) activity. The records in the table appears as follow :
    record 1 : task---> task A , Activity ----> activity 1
    record 2 : task---> task A, Activity -----> activity 2
    record 3 : task---> task B, Activity------> activity 3
    and so on
    when I get a report I need the task to appear once only and the related activities beside it like the merge in Excel

    Is it possible ?
    (I attached one excel file for illustration)

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    Here is a very complicated answer. What you will need to do this is:

    1. Main report, rptMain
    2. Sub report, srptSub
    3. Tasks query, qryTasks
    4. Task Activities, qryActivities

    qryTasks should list all of you tasks by unique ID. Leave out the activiities, use a Group By if necessary.

    qryActivities should be the filtered table of the task and activities you need.

    rptMain should have qryTasks as the data source and should show each task and the task description and nothing about the activities.

    srptSub should have qryActivities as the data source. The key to this report is to use Columns in the page setup to get the activities to list horizontally. Add the Activity field to the Detail section. Now go into Page Setup for the report and click on the Columns tab. Create x columns with no gap between columns. When you preview the report, you should see every single activity in a bunch of columns. Don't worry about the data, just get the formatting setup.

    Go back to the rptMain report and add srptSub as a subreport to the rptMain report. The key is to link the rptMain report to the srptSub report using the unique TaskID. Allow the srptSub to grow (Can Grow to Yes). Then you should see your Task with the activities in columns after the Task.

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    I appriciate if you could attach a sample as it's very difficult to understand.


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