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    I am working in a split database with Access 2007. I need to add a field to a form but the front end version will not let me save the updated form, any suggestions?

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    open a copy of the front end
    make changes to that copy
    make backups of the current front end, and current back end
    re test
    test again for the heck of it
    when satisfied the changes are correct
    then verify your backup
    apply the changes
    deploy the new front end
    ..y'get the picture
    release the new version, make sure it points to the live data

    unless you want to live in an uneccesarily exciting world you should have a test back end so you cannot make changes to live data. granted if 'all' you are doing is changing a form then you should be OK without having to work on a development data source. but its a good habit to get into.

    always back up your DDL scripts (I fidn for version control its better to make changes using DDL rather than the Access GUI, precisely because I know that I can apply the same changes to the live db when required
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