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    Unanswered: help on qmf proc/db2


    Just want to ask what is the best way to convert this process(we are converting from Mainframe to Unix... but the Db2 server stays on mainframe)...

    this is inside a QMF proc:

    1) execute a select SQL from a group of tables (in db2)
    2) save the selected data to a temporary table
    3) inserts the saved data in #2 to a production table (not exactly the same table layout)
    *** they said using a temp table in this case speeds up the insert process rather than combining #1 & #3 into just 1 SQL.

    ... since we are rehosting this process from mainframe to Unix... so in the converted unix process.. what would be the best approach for this:

    a) just, combine the SQL of #1 and #3 to be executed once ?

    b) or, use an export to an IXF file to replace the temporary table in #2 ? (would this be faster? or is this even possible at all?)

    thanks in advance for you help.

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    Either would work. Option a) would probably be faster if there was not a huge amount of data. But if there is a lot of data, the load command (assuming you use load instead of import) as part of option b) might be faster than inserts .
    M. A. Feldman
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    Thanks, Marcus... I'll try both options out.

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