i have 15 companies n each company have 10 tables from bucket 1 to bucket 10 , so total 150 tables,
so i want to export this tables, 10 tables of each company to one Excel workbook with 10 Different Worksheets
so in this case Excel File location would be remain same
but then if i go to second companies 10 tables then excel file also would change
so if i use export wizard it would let me do only for one company
so that way i have to make 15 Export Wizard or SSIS package but
i want to only make One SSIS package which can pick up the table name to Export and then put it in Source connection string and then export it to the Excel
so i am trying to use for each loop but i dont know what variables to use or what correct methods to to this multiple export of tables to excel
please give me any example or
Please let me know your suggestions