Hello, I have a prolem with my database. When I'm starting server I get following error:
00:00000:00001:2011/06/01 10:58:08.40 server Error: 12313, Severity: 21, State: 1
00:00000:00001:2011/06/01 10:58:08.40 server Internal error: Insert into page id 7991 of index id 2 of table 'sysobjects' (id = 1) in database 'dbase_prod' tried to replace undeleted RID (19787,73) at slot 411 and ridposn 0. Try dropping and recreating the index.

After that I bring database in to BYPASS RECOVERY mode to be able to use database.

Then i run
dbcc checktable('reports')
and I get the following resault:
Key mismatch between index page 27153, at offset 13475 and data page 5173 (row ID 5) in database 'dbase_prod'. Drop and re-create index id 2 of table 'reports'.
Checking reports: Logical pagesize is 16384 bytes
The total number of data pages in this table is 5.
Server Message: Number 12932, Severity 10

but when I try to use dbcc reindex(reports)
to fix indexes
I've got the following msg:
Server Message: Number 3908, Severity 16
Server 'crbd_zefir', Line 1:
Attempt to BEGIN TRANSACTION in database 'dbase_prod' failed because database is in BYPASS RECOVERY mode.
Checking reports: Logical pagesize is 16384 bytes
One or more indexes are corrupt. They will be rebuilt.
There are 406 rows in 5 pages for object 'reports'.
DBCC execution completed. If DBCC printed error messages, contact a user with System Administrator (SA) role.

What can I do to fix that indexes?