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    Unanswered: Access 2007 in conjuntion with a barcode scanner

    Hello all,

    I am at the first stages of pondering using a barcode scanner with an Access database I have 2007. What I want to do is scan our stock with their pre existing barcodes, what I am wondering is can it be used as a counter to do stocktake and for on going stock control. So we go through and scan everything and it counts the stock i.e you have 3 of this or that and registers it for stock control.

    Then if you sell said item scan it again and it deducts it, or open some stock and the scanner registers you have used one of something in your business. I used Access many moons ago but am wondering is this something that I could do at a basic level, I am dreading our next stock take with pen and paper !!!!!

    I would only want to use a cheap barcode scanner I saw one at 40 on amazon we are only a little business and can't warrent spending hundreds on pre designed software.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this and any help you might be able to offer.



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    The only thing a barcode scanner is interpret the barcode. The characters that are read are then spit out like they were being typed. For example if your barcode has 1234567 encoded in it, and you open Notepad, when you scan the barcode, 1234567 will appear in Notepad.

    The scanner itself will not do anything (keeping a count etc.). But there are some things you can automate with the scanner. You can open a form in Access, encode your data along with a carriage return or other special characters to get from one control to the next.

    The problem I see is that the scanner won't be portable. The one we have plugs into a USB port and has a 6 ft cord. I have seen scanners that are portable and also have a keyboard that people use in grocery stores, but I imagine those are a little pricey.

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    Manipulation in Access?

    I thought as much with the scanner, is it possible to for want of a better term "set up" Access to interpret the data as I need it to be?

    For example can I set it up Access to do a stock take using the bar code scanner or would I need a more up market scanner? As an example a supermarket must use a scanner database system to monitor stock and sales. I have seen custom systems for sale but they are way out of our price range! Also we are so small some of the systems for sale seem a bit overkill for out needs.

    I don't mind learning to do the work on Access my self but what I am trying to figure out is

    A. Is it possible to set up Access to what I want
    B. Is it worth it lol?

    Thank you for the kind replies it is much appreciated.

    Best wishes


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    hay I have just finish written a project and all its uses is a bar code scan

    I use a USB ($100NZ) in your english (33 pounds) LOL one all that does is put the code into the keyboard buffer as far as my program thinks it was the keyboard that did the input

    so with that under standing
    I got the bar code to send a enter(return) after a good scan(read the barcode manual it a bunch of scans then don't forget to save it other barscan)
    on the keypress have this event

    Private Sub SCANIT_KeyDown(KeyCode As Integer, Shift As Integer)
        If KeyCode = 13 Then
            Call BarCode_Check
        End If
    End Sub
    now the

    Sub BarCode_Check()
    Dim CLocation As Long
    Dim CItem As Long
    Dim This_Step As String
    Dim Barcode As String
    'Clean the text up on have the scan
    Barcode = UCase(Trim(Replace(Me.SCANIT.Text, Chr(13), "")))
    Barcode = UCase(Trim(Replace(Barcode, Chr(10), "")))
    I have a vb module that writes the barcode on a report found that on the net

    A trick one of my user ask for was a list of barcode that would goto differance screen hmmmmmmmmm that got me thinking

    that was easy and sh... it look cool she has a number of barcode "MENU-001" tape to her screen

    when she want to go to a differance menu she just scan it

    and all it is

    if INSTR(barcode,"MENU")>0 then
    Screen =  dlookup("MENUCODE","MENU","SCAN='" &  Barcode & "'")
    DoCmd.OpenForm Screen
    End If
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    hope this help

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