Hello Everybody!

I searched for 2 Days now, and it is the first time ever that i dont find an answer and have to write my own post ^^

My Problem is: I have an existing Database and I want to try, if the performance is better when I change the OLE-Field to the new Attachment-Fieldtype. Right now i have a couple of 100 JPG-Images (and no, there is no other way of storing this files ;-D ) in this field. Do you guys have any Idea how to change this existing field or copy the files/information from the old-OLE fields into the new (Attachment) one??? Maybe some wondrous VBA-Code? Another advantage would be, that I could very easily display this Pics in a Report, which is pretty cool.

Well, i hope someone of you can help me.

(have mercy with my english plz ;D)