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    Unanswered: Database Newbie

    What I am trying to do is the following:
    1) Transfer my web page from my self-design page to a more useful, interactive design.
    2) The designer needs to incorporate a login that only the member can access and see.
    3) The member's will login and complete a series of questions, which is part of my online database
    4) The member's must be able to save the database and be able to log back on and continue where they left off.
    5) I must be able to see the members progress in the questionnaire, and be able to download and analyze and interpret the data (preferably in excel)

    What are my options in accomplishing this? What questions do you have?

    Do you have any software recommendations? What should I be looking into? Any thread recommendations? I am open. I want to shop this out but also need to gain a better understanding of how this communication works... Would access be a better tool? Are there any readings you can recommend... Any help is very appreciated...

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    Quote Originally Posted by jbcrut01 View Post
    What should I be looking into?
    SurveyMonkey: Free online survey software & questionnaire tool

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    Is there an exiting database platform you're on?It sounds like you need some customised application level programming. Most server side scripting platforms would be able to achieve what you're requesting for steps 2-5
    For step 1 , there are plenty of tutorial regarding HTML\CSS\Scripting

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