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    Unhappy Unanswered: My database is corrupted,how do I fix it ?

    My database is corrupted so Kapersky tell me but cannot fix it, What do I do ?

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    wtf has kapersky got to do with whether an Access db is corrupted or not?

    open the database see what Access says about the file.

    if Access reports and error then close the db
    copy it, so you are working on the copy not the live data (jusst in case somethiugn else goes wrong

    then open it in Access again and attempt a compact and repair, see if that clears the fault
    if not then create a new (blank) database and copy over each of the objects fromt eh old database
    test that and see if the clears the fault

    if that fails then start going through your backups restore each one in sequence till you find a version that isn't corrupted

    if that faisl start over from scratch, learn why backups are such a good idea
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    As the Jaded Developer has suggested, Kapersky cannot tell you that your app is 'corrupted,' it can only tell you, and this is probably what it has told you, that the file is infected by a virus.

    All of the advice Jaded gave you is right on the money, if your app is corrupted, but given the source here, I doubt that it is. Won't hurt to do those things though, at any rate!

    Is this database one that you've developed or simply one that you're using?

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    Hope this helps!

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