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    Unanswered: datagrid value

    hi everybody

    i have form which holds a datagrid "DELIVERY_CHALLAN_SUB_QRYDataGridView"

    i have a filed/textbox "qty" in data grid which is populated by the user

    the field/textbox "qty" is in column 3

    i want the sum of all the rows of the column "qty" to be displayed on the form in a text box

    please help me


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    Hi krishnanhemanth .. Form Me I Can Solve It in 2 ways ...
    1. Connect to database and Select Sum(qty) and display it
    2. with For loop ... Code:
    Dim Sum_Qty as double = 0
    For i as integer = 0 to DELIVERY_CHALLAN_SUB_QRYDataGridView.ROWS.Count
    If Sum_Qty=0 then
    'This to Get First QTY
    Sum_Qty= DELIVERY_CHALLAN_SUB_QRYDataGridView.rows(i).Cells (3).value
    Sum_Qty=(Sum_Qty + DELIVERY_CHALLAN_SUB_QRYDataGridView.rows(i).Cells (3).value)
    End If
    Textbox1.tex = sum_Qty

    I Hope this Will Help You ...
    Good Luck
    Sami Al Damiri ...

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