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    Stakeholders Management Tool

    Hi All,

    I am managing an NGO that needs to keep in touch with a variety of stakeholders (governments, other NGOs, corporations, individuals, etc). We are looking for a tool that will act as an online database so that the team can see a unified database of who our stakeholders/contacts are, easily update with most relevant information, and have the ability to add various fields and data.

    Features which I am looking for:
    - accessible online through login
    - does not need to install any additional software for each computer
    - easily manageable on who can access what information and who can edit
    - fields can be easily customized (for example we need to track when we last contacted or interacted with the stakeholder and some details with that interaction)

    Another feature which would be nice but not necessary is that it can be installed and run on our own servers for added security

    Is there a tool which can help us with this? Would appreciate any input on this matter. Thank you in advance!
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    15,579 sounds like a great fit for this problem.

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    Thanks Pat for the reply. I've looked into Salesforce but it looks to be way more than what we need. We are just looking for a simple online contacts manager.

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