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    Unanswered: database design for venue seating


    I work for a school and we have an auditorium with 550 seats. We need to book these some are downstairs and some upstairs.

    All I need to capture in a database (hopefully Access) is the name, surname, contact number, email address and which seats the person will take.

    How do I write a database and form that can do this for me? Secondly, I would them use Word to get that info from Access to print them tickets...

    Is this possible and if so, can someone please help me...


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    I'll move your post from the Database Concepts & Design - dBforums forum to the Microsoft Access - dBforums forum. It should get more readers and better responses there.

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    Perfectly happy to mock something up as a starting point for you if you like. How are you allocating seats? Presumably you have rows and numbers? Is this for a one-off event or would you likely have multiple events?

    Why would you need to export to word though? You can produce a report from within Access just as easily?
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