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Thread: Import failing

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    Unanswered: Import failing

    Running the following command from a DB2 V9 client on a laptop - connecting to a DB2 V8 (on windows) database:

    db2 export to c:\exports\TPOL.cpy of del modified by chardel; messages msgs.txt SELECT * FROM TPOL WHERE CO_ID = '01' AND POL_ID = 'AS20985D' this export works fine and exports 1 row.

    the problem is when I attempt to import:

    db2 import from c:\exports\tpol.cpy of del modified by chardel; messages msgs.txt INSERT INTO TPOL

    get this generic error: SQL3015N An SQL error "" occurred during processing.

    The user claims that this has worked in the past but stopped working when we upgraded the DB2 client on his laptop from V7 to V9

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    Try rebinding utilities and CLI packages (from the client).

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    I think this is what you were talking about..

    C:\Program Files\IBM\SQLLIB\bnd>DB2 bind @db2ubind.lst messages bind.msg grant public

    SQL0001N Binding or precompilation did not complete successfully.

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