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    Unanswered: Date Calculation

    I have 2 fields I want to add together to produce a third field with answer.
    First field contains a Date, Second fields contains a drop down list with the choice of (P1, P2, P3. P4. If I choose P1, I need to add 1 day on to the date field but must be shown on a separate field. If I choose P2 2days, P3 7 days,
    P4 28 days, any suggestions.

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    I would add a second column to the combo box that has the number of days.

    The you can use something like this:

    =[txtdateControlName] + Val([cboMyComboBox].Coumn(1))

    =DateAdd("d", Val([cboMyComboBox].Coumn(1)), [txtdateControlName])

    Not The colun index for a combo box is zero based. This mean the first column has an index of 0. The second column is has an index of 1.
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