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    Question Unanswered: Automatically Join Workgroup

    Hi Everyone,

    I have a access database and a workgroup. How could I have the database automatically join a workgroup? Right now, a user clicks a button with the code docmd workgroupadminstrator and manually selects the workgroup.

    Most users are not too tech savvy and I prefer for them not to browse the system to find the file.

    When the database icon is clicked, is there any coding that will allow it to automatically join the workgroup if not already connected?

    Thanks for your help!

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    use a shortcut to open the dbs

    property will be something like

    path to msaccess path to database /wrkgrp mywk.mdw

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    Is there any coding I can put in so when the database loads it automatically joins the said work group versus having to click on the button and manually join?

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    Hi All,

    Does anyone have anything further on this one? I can't seem to figure out how to acheive the above. Thanks!!

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    I don't think you can di this programtically
    what you can do is, as gemmathehusky says, open the access application in a desktop shortcut and specify the workgroup as part of the command line
    How to use command-line switches in Microsoft Access

    A better approach, assuming you don't 'blow the limits' is to have a single workgroup per functional area. ie all access applications for that business logical unit share the same workgroup. that mean you may have several workgroups within the business unit, eg all of the beancounters in one, all of the dreamers and oxygen stealers (the marekting department in another), all the real workers (production / design / shopfloor) and so on in another one
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    You could work with the properties and methods on the default Workspace object of the Jet DBEngine (Application.DBEngine.Workspaces(0)): Groups and Users collections, CreateGroup and CreateUser methods.

    Each Group object in the Groups collection has a CreateUser method and a Users collection, while each User object in the Users collection has a CreateGroup method and a Groups collection.

    In both collections (Groups and Users) also have an Append method that allows to add an object to the collection and a Delete method that allows to remove an object from the collection.

    For a complete documentation see: Users and Groups

    Be aware that ACCDBs (Access 2007 and 2010) do not support security. See: What happened to user-level security? - Access -
    Have a nice day!

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