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    Unanswered: limit date items in combobox

    I have a combo box that displays a list of dates that a student can be registered for. The combo box retreives the dates from tblPhotodates and stores the value in Contacttable. I need to limit the dates in the combobox so that once 15 students in Contacttable have been registered the date no longer appears in the combo box. I know I need a WHERE clause in the row source for this but not sure how to get started.
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    It sounds to me like you need to count the number of times the date appears in the ContactTable then join the result to the PhotoTable. To do this, create a query that has the date from the ContactTable and a Count(*). The result should be:


    Then create a query that joins the count with the PhotoTable and join on the date. That way you can select all of the dates that are less than 15.

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