I need to figure out which Java programs use which DB2 objects, particularly tables. If you have a program using static SQL, there's a record of every use of DB2 objects by that program in the system catalog. With dynamic SQL, you've got no record in the system catalog for, say, a package that's part of a Java program, and thus there are no rows in SYSCAT.PACKAGEDEP dealing with our projects tables. It's not even the case that there's any use of Stored Procedures or functions, and they're putting all the SQL there. No. I'm guessing from the looks of things that there are probably tables, even in production, THAT AREN'T EVEN BEING USED - AT ALL - and I'd love to have some sort of way of knowing what Java programs - if any - use a particular table.

I'm guessing there's some sort of way of doing that in Java itself in some sort of administrative tool (if not, there sure OUGHT to be a way!). So if there IS a way, I'd love to know THAT, and what that way is. Thanks.