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    Unanswered: Multiple problems adding data to db

    Access 2000 with 20K records and photos. Peer to peer network with Win XP SP3. Have had a problem with this db for a while now, three techs have given up… could be Access, networking or combination of both problem. Each data form has a photo attached of the item (museum artifact db). However, at this time the individual photos are not showing up on the forms, the same photo is showing up in each form. In the past this worked correctly. The db and the related photo file reside on the C drive of the main museum collection’s department computer. Two other computers on the network have had the ability to update records in the past. The last tech attempted a fix by placing the db files and photo file on a virtual drive F. Now, the photo problem remains the same, and we can add data from the other machines in Table view but not in Form view. Other pcs on the network need to read only from their locations. Have loaded Office 2010 but have not tried to import db yet as it could make the problem worse.
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    There's something missing in your description. Are the data files and photo file related? Or at least JOINed as the recordsource for your form?


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    Also, is this Multi-User app properly split into a front end/back end configuration?

    Unsplit Multi-User apps can runs fine for extended periods of time then suddenly start exhibiting all kinds of problems.

    And once this starts the problems become chronic until the app is split.

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    Hope this helps!

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    Dumb Question

    Is the database pointing to the Photos that are on the server.

    ie [feildname] and its value is \\servername\foldername\photo.jpg

    or is it

    [feildname] and its value is F:\foldername\photo.jpg

    it its pointing to F:\ is the User computer have the Drive map.

    could you show us the Code display the Image

    the code should look some like

    Me.pictureobject = LoadPicture(Me.thefeildname)
    hope this help

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    Sorry guys, your questions and comments are mostly over my head. I do not believe that the db is split front and back, but it sounds like it should be. The db and photos are on the same computer. As far as how they are connected I believe there is a command in the photo box to tell it where to go to find the correct photo. I did find another tech who is Access savvy so hopefully that will do the trick.

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