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    Unanswered: Replication between 2 databses havin Source and Destination Tables are different Name

    I have a criteria to do replication on Sql Server 2008 R2.
    Below are the points to be considered while doing Replication.
    Can anyone guide me how to achieve ?

    1. Source and Destination Tables are different Name

    2. Source and Destination Filed names are different

    3. Source and Destination field type different ... not all the time...need to check source field type is bit and destination field type is tinnyInt

    4. Check how insert, update and delete will work

    5. How do we setup the replication when databases are on different servers and replication on different server

    Ex: DB1 on Server 1, DB2 on server 2 and Replication on Server3

    Need to check how do we setup the credentials etc ......

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    1) Easy. Set the destination object name property?
    2) Doubt it is possible.
    3) What?? Why?
    4) You should come up with your own tests.
    5) This is how replication is designed. With a three server topology:

    Publisher - Exposes a table to be replicated
    Distributor - Manages the replication
    Subscriber - Receives the publication

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