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    Unanswered: Preventing table locks with replication?

    Hi everybody,
    I'm not a newbie in MySQL actually, but I am a newbie regarding to replication.

    Little introduction to my site; It's an MMORPG game which now has around 550 queries per second on an average. I don't think I can bring this much more down since we are growing pretty fast.

    Just last Friday I had a top amount of users online active and then it was showing fails in performance. That is because of many table locks on the same tables. Updating and Selecting at the same time, which you probably can imagine. I doubt if I can cache any of such information since it all has to be really up to date to work for the game.

    So, I was wondering if replication may be a good solution for this case.

    1. Do you think replication is suitable for my game?
    2. Replication doesn't require more servers than 1, right? I'm using a VPS and it should work with that, right?
    3. I figured I'm supposed to UPDATE/DELETE/INSERT everything in the master server and select everything from the slave so that there won't be many table locking waits. Is that a right conclusion?

    If you need more information I'll gladly support you.

    Thanks in advance,

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