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    Unanswered: Database is opened as Read only

    I have assigned a user in Windows Server 2008 Activedirectory domain "Domainname\user" to use a .accde database. When the user open the .accde file the following message appears

    "This database has been opeend read only. You can only change data in linked tables"

    This particular user has been added in the properties /security tab and given full access.

    When I open the same .accde file as "Administrator" it works fine. How can I resolve this problem.

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    is this a multi user db?
    if so its possible that one or more users has their installaion of Access set to openthe db in exclusive mode, or someone is making changes to the db and therefore locking out others.
    best solution is is to make certaint hat all users open for shared access
    deploy an individual front end for each user.
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