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    Unanswered: btrieve error 42 followed by 24

    Hi All,

    I hope this is the right place for questions relating to Btrieve, I noticed others asking in this forum.

    I have a couple of files which I think have been damaged due to them being in use during a power outage. The software (an epos system called vector) refuses to load 4 files when you load it up.

    I have managed to find butil.exe and have tried to rebuild the files but I get 2 errors, 42 which seems to be the one caused by the file being in use, then 24 which seems to be some thing to do with the page file.

    From what I understand, btrieve is running with the /p:4096 switch so the problem should not be that the page file is too small.

    I also found btrhelp.exe (or something similar) which looks like it's a graphical front end for the functions in butil. It fails with the same errors.

    The system is MS DOS 5.00, btrieve 5.10.

    If anyone has any ideas what my next move would be I would appreciate the help

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    The 24 may be because of the 42. What commands are you issuing with BUTIL?
    Btrieve v5.10 is very old. It hasn't been updated since 1991.
    Do you have a backup of the files in question? It might be best to use the backup.
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    Unfortunately there isn't a backup.....

    I'll look up the command as I don't have it in front of me but I believe it was;

    butil -recover sales.b fixed.b

    I was intending on moving/renaming the file once it had finished (as there's no backup I don't want to risk anything else going wrong!)

    I don't know if this is relevant but I have butil and the broken files in a totally separate directory from the main program. Could this be causing problems. I', afraid I don't fully understand how btrieve works.

    I also have a copy of butil v7, which I have tried with similar results although it outputs slightly differently. I figured I was best using as close a version as possible.

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