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    Unanswered: Admin Right to start/run Control center ??

    Hi, I have been using DB2 7.0 Control center for quite sometime now, Suddenly, i am unable to start control center , getting Javaw.exe unable to start like that.
    My local computer admin rights was removed recently.
    do we really need admin rights for local computer to start/run control center ?
    since i got this problem , i couldn't think of anything other than admin rights removal for reason.

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    You don't need Admin rights for db2cc. Write permissions for the sqllib-directory should be enough.

    Version 7??? It's long time out of support. You should spend some time on migration planning.

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    Add your Windows user id in DB2ADMIN and DB2USER groups. These groups are created when you install DB2 Control Center in your Windows machine

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    Maybe it's a sign to stop using Control Center

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