Let me start off by giving a brief scenario of what we are trying to do. We have three SQL Server Standard boxes with different owners. I have full SA access to my new SQL box and do not have SA access to the remote production or remote replication box. Currently on the remote replication box the SA setup a local subscription so I have my own copy of my three databases which I can access which are on the replicated box. I can only access these databases and nothing else. These three database I can see use transactional / snapshot replication. Now in order for me to run SSRS and have full access to our databases we purchased SQL Server 2008 R2 and installed on my box.

Now for the rather confusing part I can't seem to fully grasp. Correct me if I am wrong. First, since the SA is using Transactional / Snapshot replication the Replicated Server needs to be setup as a Push not a Pull Subscription to my new box, since we need near real time data on my box. They are trying to tell me they need access to my box, which I feel they don't they just need to give me a login to the replicated server with the appropriate user rights to see the snapshots and the publications.

The next issue I am having a hard time with is Push vs Pull subsciptions. According to microsoft if you use Transactional / SnapShot replication you should setup a Push Subscription to subscibers. Where if you were using merge replication you would setup a pull subscription. They are trying to get me to setup a pull subscription which I don't agree with. If I am forced to setup a pull subscription how does the update on demand work so I keep my data synchronized with the publisher? Does it update the tables every time I run a query or login to the database using the Management studio?

I would greatly appreciate any advice anyone has on what the best practice would be for my dillema.