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    Unanswered: Connection for Remote database lost

    I am using oracle and I tried to select tables from another database by using the general syntax
    Select dbms_column name from schema_name.table_name@db_link;
    but I somehow got this error
    ORA-02019: connection description for remote database not found.I typed in the right schema name and database link.
    By the way the remote database is using oracle 10 g. Will this affect my sql execution??...

    Thank you in advance


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    When using a database link, you don't need schema name. It means that
    select empno from emp@db_link
    is all you need.

    Also, did you verify that the database link is OK? The simplest way is to
    select * from dual@db_link
    If it returns a record, database link is working OK. Otherwise, you didn't create it properly.

    Finally, error description:
    Quote Originally Posted by Oracle
    ORA-02019: connection description for remote database not found

    Cause: An attempt was made to connect or log in to a remote database using a connection description that could not be found.

    Action: Specify an existing database link. Query the data dictionary to see all existing database links. See your operating system-specific Net8 documentation for valid connection descriptors.

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    Is the connection setup for the other database in the tnsnames.ora file for 11G database?
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    Thank you Little foot my database link is not OK so I need to configure it..

    @Beilswh-thank you for you time I did not have a connection set up yet..

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