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    Unanswered: DLookup for Attachments

    The scenario: In tblPeople I have the fields "ID", "Full Name", "Profile Picture", and "Friends"- with the "Profile Picture" column being an attachment and the "Friends" column being a multi valued field based on the "ID" column. What I am trying to do is develop a form that will present a list of all of an individual's friends- to include "Full Name" and "Profile Picture."

    Using a query, I am able to create a form that will generate the individual's ID and the ID of each of their Friends. Using the DLookup feature, I can then create a text box that display's the Friend's "Full Name." I cannot seem to get DLookup to work for the "Profile Picture" attachment. Any suggestions on how to make it work, or another method for generating this form?

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    Why are you having to use DLookup()?

    Why not set the form's record source to a query tht gets all the data you need? No DLookup required.
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