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    Question Unanswered: Export Complex Form Results to Excel

    Hi Everybody,

    With limited Access and VBA skills... I've managed to create a form in which a user enters a desired search word. With this user input word, I search through about 10 tables and display the applicable results

    For example, if a person searches for "red," I will check through all 10 tables and report all the places where it is found. Red might be a color description in a field in one table, a nickname in a field in a different table, a vacation spot in another, a toy in another table etc.

    The data results are being pulled from each table in my form with a WHERE condition of Like forms!frm_Results![List1] to extract the user input.

    I need to export the search results to Excel.

    Any help is GREATLY appreciated!

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    Search for the TransferSpreadsheet command in the Help file. Have a play with that and post back if you get stuck.
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