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    Red face Unanswered: Informix Odbc Connection

    Hi, I need help,
    Actually, I have a client application running in windows that connects via Odbc to an Informix - AIX server, lately it haven't work well, now throws "Time Out" while is executing a query, the only change has been the server, but the configuration (onconfig file) has been copied from the old server to the new server; and to test if it could be the problem I have restaured it and the application throws the same errors, does anyone knows if any onconfig parameter is related to the odbc connection?
    The old server was an uniprocessor AIX P4 with Informix 9.4 and the new one is an uniprocessor AIX P6 with Informix 9.4
    Thanks a lot.
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    If it's timing out it's most likely the ODBC driver can't find the server - have you reconfigured it to point to the new one? And are you getting an error code?

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    When you copied the onconfig file from the old server to the new server, did you recreate the various INFORMIX environment variables on the new server to be the same as the old server?

    You must have INFORMIXDIR, INFORMIXSERVER and ONCONFIG set to point to the correct directory locations.

    Other environment variables such as PATH, LIBPATH, and TERMCAP will probably need to be set as well.

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