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    Red face Help with Conceptual ERD

    Hi! So I am very new..and was hoping I could get some help
    I am taking a Database Design course, and we are supposed to be creating a conceptual ERD for a simple DVD rental business using Crows's Foot Notation. It does not need to be normalized and cardinalities are not required in the diagram, though relationship connectivity are required.

    I devised these business rules (hopefully they make sense and are actually valid):
    -Each customer is assigned to one customer identification number.
    -Each movie can be viewed on one or more devices
    -A device can only play one movie at a time
    -A movie is viewable for 72 hours once rental has begun.
    -A customer can rent at max five movies a day

    I think my entities are:
    Personal Device
    ID Number

    That's pretty much all I've suggestions?
    Thanks so much!!

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    Data Models to help you


    Take a look at these Data Models on my Database Answers Web Site which should give you some ideas :-
    Video Rental Stores - Video Rental Store

    CD Collections - CD Collection Data Model


    Barry Williams
    London, England

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    The aim of a student's coursework is to teach them certain points about database design and how to think logically. Guiding them is fine, asking them questions that make them think is even better but handing them an answer on a plate is just plain wrong.

    Doing this means they miss the most basic part of their course - how to think. I'm guessing that the lecturer will easily spot which homework was done by 1st year students and which was done by a database professional. I'm also guessing that if two students hand in the same answer then questions will be raised. But the main issue is that each coursework is supposed to teach the student something and this student is going to learn nothing.

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