I am in the process of moving to a new server and upgrading from SQL 2005 to 2008. I need to convert the DTS packages to SSIS packages. I have opened a project in BIDS and have gone through the ‘migrate DTS 2000 package’ however I can't find the coverted SSIS packages when I bring up the SQL 2008 Sever Management Studio.

I inherited the application I am working on so everything was already in place and I did not have to create or edit the old DTS packages. In SQL2005 I was able to view the DTS packages under the Management\Legacy\Data Transformation Services.

When I log into SQL 2008 there is a Management\Legacy\Data transformation Services folder but nothing is there.

When I connect to Integrated Services in SQL 2008 and go to Stored Packages\MSDB the converted SSIS packages are not there either.

I can only assume that when I ran the 'migrate DTS 2000 package' in BIDS that I don't know where to have the converted SSIS packages placed.

Can anyone tell me what I need to put for the target location when converting in BIDS? Do I need to specify the server: pvmx****\ms2008_prod,port plus something more or pvmx****\stored packages\MSDB?

Would it be easier to covert in SQL2008? If yes, where should I be located when I try to convert and will it know where to place the SSIS packages or do I still need to specify the location?