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    Unanswered: Create Search Function on Form, then populate all Fields correlated to Search Item

    Ok, I have come across some search code, but I don't think it allows me to do what I would like to do.

    I'm trying to create a database that has all of the data about defects in an existing pipeline, the defects are given a unique ID named "Event_ID". I would like for repairs to be entered into forms that tie back to the defects by this unique ID. These repairs would be housed in seperate tables, but have the same unique id. (Not sure if this was a smart move or not)

    My First form is a form that cannot be edited, it only displays the information we have already gathered on this defect from a "defect table". I would like a search feature at the top, that allows the the user to enter in a specific Event_ID, that will take you to that record on a form, thus populating all the fields. That is the end of my search question. I'm going to take the liberty to ask another question below.

    2nd...maybe 3rd question)
    I would then like for the user to go onto another form, to begin filling out repair information, this repair information must correspond to that Event_ID that was shown in the first form. Only way I can think of accomplishing this is by entering all the Event_ID's as the primary key for every repair form. I have the repair information divided into several forms in order to organize it how the repair guy will come across the repairs. ie..first form corresponds to what he would do first, 2nd form to what he would do next etc...what is the best way to move through the forms? By buttons? Is there away to have several tabs on a form? If possible I would like to ask him, did you do this kind of repair if yes then it opens that form.

    I tried to upload my database but even when I removed all but 2 lines of data it was 160mb...

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    To attempt to answer the first question, put a combobox on the form, using the wizard, and select "look up a value based on the value" (similar verbiage). It will create the code for you, and populate the form with the correct info.

    If it won't work on the form, try putting it on a different form, which would then open "first form" based on the info in the combo box.


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