]Hi everyone,

My name is Jerry.

I am, by all possible descriptions, an AMATEUR DBer. That said, I have built a few very useful (and I think "creative") databases in the past working with Filemaker Pro and now on MS Access 2003.

I am currently working on a custom contact/App't scheduler/Call logging DB to help me keep track of applicants and scheduling appointments following natural disasters. The database works fine for my personal use but I am thinking about also using it to schedule appointments as a service for colleagues.

I would like to know of one of you grizzled DB veterans might help me by taking a look at my DB and giving me suggestions how I can improve it. Specifically, I think the database architecture might be more efficient if my main table were divided into two or more linked tables. But the expertise needed, I think, is beyond the capacity of my puny DB knowlege and experience.

My goal, is to make my database very solid, straightforward, and with the hopes of someday providing a service to my co workers and colleagues by synching the data to their smart phones using a program called Wireless Database Viewer by a company named Cellica Cellica - Frequency of your business

I know that there is a big difference between a home database that "works" and a DB that is reliable enough that others can depend on.

Any help and experience you can give will be greatly appreciated.

Jerry Probst
Dallas, TX]