Java / J2EE Development Ninja - Min. Secret ($110k-$160k)Proficiency across the range of J2EE technologies, particularly the Servlet API, XML, JDBC, and LDAP

Deep understanding of software architecture, patterns and common MVC & IoC frameworks (e.g. Struts 2, Spring, etc.)

Solid experience on the browser side (e.g. HTML, JavaScript, CSS, AJAX)

Impeccable communication skills and customer focus

Quick grasp of customer requirements and the ability to translate them into technical designs

Team lead experience a plus

Freemarker, AspectJ and Maven experience a plus

Red Hat Linux Guru - Full Scope Poly ($80k-$120k)5+ years experience as a Systems Administrator in a production datacenter or team development environment

Proficiency in both manual and automated Red Hat Enterprise Linux installations

Proficiency in system and network configuration and troubleshooting

Experience with workstation/server hardware support and third-party binary drivers

Experience with system and network monitoring tools (e.g. Nagios, HP Openview)

Experience in scripting languages, (e.g. Perl, shell)

Experience with backups, restores, and disk imaging (e.g. dump, restore, dd)

CNO Software Developer ($90k-$150k)

3+ years of C development experience.

1+ years computer network operations (CNO) development experience.

1+ years Windows Systems Programming experience.

1+ years Network Programming experience.

1+ years client/server development experience. Experience with Subversion.

Experience with VmWare.