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    Wink Unanswered: Need designe help and advice

    Hi everyone,

    [I posted this on the introductions board, but thougt it more appropriate for this MS ACCESS discussion. My apologies for the duplication.]

    My name is Jerry.

    I am, by all possible descriptions, an AMATEUR DBer. That said, I have built a few very useful (and I think "creative") databases in the past working with Filemaker Pro and now on MS Access 2003.

    I am currently working on a custom contact/App't scheduler/Call logging DB to help me keep track of applicants and scheduling appointments following natural disasters. The database works fine for my personal use but I am thinking about also using it to schedule appointments as a service for colleagues.

    I would like to know of one of you grizzled DB veterans might help me by taking a look at my DB and giving me suggestions how I can improve it. Specifically, I think the database architecture might be more efficient if my main table were divided into two or more linked tables. But the expertise needed, I think, is beyond the capacity of my puny DB knowlege and experience.

    My goal, is to make my database very solid, straightforward, and with the hopes of someday providing a service to my co workers and colleagues by synching the data to their smart phones using a program called Wireless Database Viewer by a company named Cellica Cellica - Frequency of your business

    I know that there is a big difference between a home database that "works" and a DB that is reliable enough that others can depend on.

    Any help and experience you can give will be greatly appreciated.

    Jerry Probst
    Dallas, TX]

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    If you want a review of your database then attach a copy to a post.
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    Need Design help MS Access DB

    Thank you Boyd.

    Here is a copy of my project. It essentially performs these functions:
    1) Contact manager - The data begins with contact information provided by my employer. I make applicant telephone calls and record responses to interview questions.
    2) Appointment Scheduler
    3) Call Log - Based on Call Listing subform
    4) Generate Reports
    5) Client Inspector management and Billing (I hope to offer a service to an appointment scheduling service to my colleagues in the future)

    I am a true amateur here and I am pushing the boundaries of my design capabilities.

    My purpose in asking for help is to get another set of eyes on my project to help me make it stronger and more functional.

    Specifically I would like advice regarding the main contacts table and if it should be divided into two or more linked tables.

    This database should never become larger than 1 or 2 thousand records.

    I use MS ACCESS 2993 because that is what I have and, because it works, I am afraid to convert it to a different program.

    Any advice you can give will be greatly appreciated. Feel Free to make changes as you see fit with one exception (Fields 2-21 in the Contacts Table rely on imported data and cannot be changed or deleted)

    Thank you very much


    PS upon opening the database I get an error message regarding reference to a missing .ocx file. I suspect it is a remnant of a non used Time and date calculation from a previous version of the DB. If you know how to fix or get rid of it that would be great!
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