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    Unanswered: Creating a query with a self-dependent field


    I am developing an Access database to handle an Excel-built algorithm. That is, the calculations to be executed by queries are built in Excel. I have now ecountered the problem of a calculation where the field I want to construct using a query depends on itself in other records.

    I have attatched the Excel file containing parts of the algorithm, and the problem arises in two variants, namely the calculations in rows 36 and 40.

    I truly hope that someone can help with a workaround for this problem.

    Thanks in advance!
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    Try creating a function (in a module) and use that function as an expression in the query.


    Function retSomeValue(valPassedToFunction as variant) as variant
    ....some calc on valPassedToFunction here...
    retSomeValue = valPassedToFunction * 3
    End Function

    Then in your query, you can use that function against a field in an expression.
    MyExpression: retSomeValue([FieldXYZ])
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