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    Unanswered: please help me for the error SQL0204N in db2

    i am working with the sample database.i have a login table in sample database.when i am working in db2 control center and issuing any sql ,it is working very fine.but when i am issuing this sql from a java application it is showing a username and password for the database is db2admin and db2admin.connection to the database is successful.
    please help me.i tried this in xp and win7.same result.
    error is:

    [IBM][CLI Driver][DB2/NT] SQL0204N "DB2ADMIN.LOGIN" is an undefined name. SQLS

    i am issuing the sql----> select * from login
    but it is not working.
    i have also tried-------> select * from LOGIN
    select * from sample.login
    select * from db2admin.login
    how to solve it?

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    Clearly, the LOGIN table belongs to some other schema. You can find out what schema that is by running
    select tabschema from syscat.tables where tabname = 'LOGIN'

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    thank u

    thank u sir.i got ur point.problem solved.thank u.

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