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    Question Unanswered: Basic OPC problem with GetOPCItem

    Hi gurus,

    I wrote a basic web app to communicate with the opc server. I am able to connect to the server, but i can't get the value from opc, i am not sure what to fill in the serverhandle. and from the specs, the example uses SET, which doesn't exist anymore in the asp and what should i replace it with?

    for eg:
    TextBox2.Text = ConnectedGroup.OPCItems.GetOPCItem(serverhandle)

    Below is the specs example for OPC.
    Dim AnOPCItem as OPCItem
    Set OPCItem=GetOPCItem(SomeItemServerHandle)
    Dim Source as Integer
    Dim Value as Variant
    Dim Quality as Variant
    Dim TimeStamp as Variant
    AnOPCItem.Read Source,ServerHandles,Value,Quality,TimeStamp
    'process the values
    Hope to hear from someone.


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    I have the same problem!!!

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