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    Unanswered: Polish Characters & mysql_query()

    I am using MySQL 5.5.13 / PHP 5.3.6 / phpMyAdmin 3.4.2 / on Windows 2003 Server Standard.
    I have a strange issue here. It is to do with the Polish character - - (and probably others as well).
    When I enter the above character directly into MySQL using phpMyAdmin it goes in fine.
    When I use the php function mysql_Query(), I get the following error, "Incorrect string value: '\xF3 ...".
    I have tried using "mysql_query("SET NAMES 'utf8'")" and "mysql_query("SET CHARACTER SET 'utf8'")", but still it fails. I have tried changing the field collation in MySQL from UTF-8 to standard Latin and back. I have even tried using iconv() function but that give an illegal character error.
    The strange thing is that I have a similar setup on another server using MySQL 5.1.33 / PHP 5.2.9, and it works fine for all characters.
    Can any one advise please.

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    Have you tried printing out the INSERT statement within your PHP code? It looks like there are more characters being included during the INSERT statement.
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    wasn't there a question about this not so long ago
    can't rememebr if the resolution was a PHP problem, a MySQL problem (with Version 5) or there was no resolution
    have a look in either / or the PHP 7 MySQL forums for UTF8 or character encoding problems
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