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    Unanswered: how to find all structures/rules of a table

    I am new to sybase and may not be using the right terminologies..

    before I delete table A, I did a "*select * into A_tmp from A", hence I assume I have a backup copy. then later instead of truncate table A, I drop table A, and did a "select * into A from A_tmp", I thought I have restored A,
    however, I found out that A now does not have the keys and some other definition that I may not even aware...
    But then I have A_prod, I like to duplicate the definition, keys, rules from A_prod to A. Questions
    a. How can I find out all the definitions, keys, rules in A_prod?
    b. How can I define it in A?


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    You can run system procedures sp_help & sp_depends to find out the structure & keys of the table and dependent objects like stored procedures,views,triggers etc respectively.

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