I'm getting the following error when dprop runs :
SAT: APPERRM is ASN1001E APPLY "APPLYMAX" : "WorkerThread". The Apply program encountered an SQL error. The ERRCODE is "C90102".
The SQLSTATE is "07006". The SQLCODE is "-301". The SQLERRM is "6". The SQLERRP is "SQLRI4AC". The server name is "".

The manual states :
The value of input host variable or parameter number number cannot be used because of its data type.

A host variable or parameter in position number could not be used as specified in the statement because its data type is incompatible with the intended use of its value.

This error can occur as a result of specifying an incorrect host variable or an incorrect SQLTYPE value in a SQLDA on an EXECUTE or OPEN statement. In the case of a user-defined structured type, the associated built-in type of the host variable or SQLTYPE might not be compatible with the parameter of the TO SQL transform function defined in the transform group for the statement. In the case of performing an implicit or explicit cast between character and graphic data types, this error indicates that such a cast was attempted with a non-Unicode character or graphic string.

The statement cannot be processed.
User response

Verify that the data types of all host variables in the statement are compatible with the manner in which they are used.

The only problem is : all tables match .. The sourcedb table, the CD table on sourcedb and the table on target db

Scenario :
Source DB
Informational tokens are "DB2 v9.7.0.3", "s101006", "IP23212", and Fix Pack
Target DB
Informational tokens are "DB2 v9.7.0.4", "s110330", "IP23236", and Fix Pack

Any ideas ?