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    Unanswered: Recover Database!

    Hi guys

    Im a casual computer user and have no where else to run but this advanced forum..

    I used postsql for a year now and gathered a lot of importent data in a database. A few days ago something went wrong with my OS so I had to do a format.

    I have my old postsql folder intact on a c:\windows.old\ folder, but I cant seem to be able to detect it in any way..

    Ive tried copiying entire data folder into a new database but it doesnt want to work. I used postsql 8.4 . Anyone have a clue how I should get this database to be detected ..?

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    I'm not sure about running it on Windows, but if all the data files and logs are truly intact you just need to point the postgres binaries at that location. When starting the database I would simply:

    pg_ctl start -D c:\windows.old\

    On Windows, I guess you modify some config file or the service config?

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