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    Unanswered: auto add data to field after selection from list box

    Hello All,
    My dilema is as follows.

    I have a form, Document Entry on which this is is control where the user selects a specific "binder", depending on which binder, i need the location of that binder to be automatically be added to another field on the form. The locations of the binders is stored in another table "binders". My binders list boxs already auto refresh after a new binder is added. i Just need to solve this one issue.


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    1. If necessary, create a query that will associate the "binders" with their locations.

    2. Assign this query to the RowSource property of the ListBox (hide the unwanted columns if you want).

    3. Retrieve the location associated to the selected "Binder" using:
    Me.Location = Me.List_Binders.Column(n)
    Where n is the index of the column containing the location.

    Note: The first (leftmost) column of a list is Column(0).
    Have a nice day!

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